New Pc Build Freeze and shutdown Randomly help

Hi Guys im new to this form,

please could you assist me, i have built up a new Pc recently about 3 days ago. ever since i have been having a problem where my pc would run for about 30 min sometimes longer then freeze or either switch off. i tried replacing the ram, cpu, psu and the hdd but still did the same thing. last night i went into the bios and saw that my cpu temp was 52c and that was directly after booting without getting into windows itself. please help

my specs

intel i5 3470

Foxconn h61mxv motherboard

2x 4gb 12800 ram

450w psu

nvidia geforce 210 1gb


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  1. I would download and run core temp to check CPU temperatures from Windows. You should find out what they are under load.
  2. did i also mention that i cannot get windows to be installed cause during the installation process it would freeze or shutdown
  3. What are you using for a CPU cooler? Is it mounted securely, clean, and functioning?
  4. im using a cpu fan the push pin one, i also have a system fan and both of them are new. the cpu fan is secure properly. but still it freeze or shuts down
  5. The only parts you didn't mention changing were the GPU and the motherboard. Have you tried running with the integrated graphics? If it still freezes with the integrated graphics that only leaves the motherboard to blame.
  6. all these parts are 3 days old, i tried with intergrated graphics it still gives that problem
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    The motherboard has to be defective then - you've ruled out everything else.
  8. i contacted the manufacturer they said that i should bring back the board for testing. thanks alot for your help :) i will give you feed back
  9. Thanks, keep us posted :)
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