computer is freezing and restarting on me, need help figuring out what is causing the problem

so about a month and a half ago my graphics card kinda died on me for the second time ( first time was over a year ago).

first time i repaired it with a heat gun and it was as good as new. lasted for over a year until last month. this time it worked again but the screen would flicker once in a while ( once ever 2 hours to twice ever hour depending on how much i was using the computer) and an error message would pop up at the bottom saying nvidia crashed but has restored itself.

now, a month later, i pretty much never see it flicker but every now and then the screen will freeze and after about 10 second of it being frozen it will flash and return to normal or my computer will completely restart. more times than not the ladder happens. i am currently trying to isolate the problem but need a little help.

i thought it was my graphics card so i tried to heat it up again with the heat gun but that didnt change anything. last time my computer had problems where it would randomly restart ( almost 4 years ago) the issue was was an excessive amount of dust in the power unit but there shouldn't be that much in there right now, still i am currently about to test that out. does anyone else have any ideas of what may be the problem.

here are my system specs

here are my temps and voltage screen

just a heads up, this is the first time i used the site and i may not be as familar with computers as i would like to be so dont be suprise if i ask questons on top of your questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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  1. maybe your gpu really did "broken" this time. maybe time to get new GPU?
  2. renz496 said:
    maybe your gpu really did "broken" this time. maybe time to get new GPU?

    well if that is the situtation then i guess replacing the GPU would be an easy fix, although an expensive one as well. with that in mind, anyone have and suggestions on a new GPU i should get. I want one that will at the bare minimum will be at least as good as my old one but i do not want to put money into one that will be way better than my current desktop can and have a handful of features and specs that go unused.

    lets say for now my price range is no more than 1000$ but preferably under 600$ if possible.
  3. Hmm how about GTX750? (non Ti version)
  4. Best answer
    I would say go with a GTX 970 for about 350$ which can run any game you throw at it right now.
  5. the thing is the PC is very old. that's why i only suggest GTX750
  6. renz496 said:
    the thing is the PC is very old. that's why i only suggest GTX750

    Yeah I just looked at it my bad. definitely wouldn't be able to handle a gtx 970 very well
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