RX 480 8GB vs GTX 1060 6GB or Mini gtx 1060 zotac 6GB

Hi, I want to buy a rx 480 8GB or GTX 1060 (or 1060 gtx ZOTAC mini) but which does not suit me. I want to play for now at 720p all in ultra. 1080p in the future. Saw the GTX 1060 beats the RX 480 narrowly in some cases, but also say it's better DX12 of rx. I'm from Argentina, prices are very similar here. Please help.

My specs

i5 4460 (stock clock)
8gb of ram
700w psu nxzt or tt (still do not buy it)


Thanks you.
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    I have the ZOTAC 1060 and it is a decent mITX card, it runs slightly hotter than I was expecting but I wouldn't choose it unless you're needing a card in that form factor. Personally I had difficulty choosing between the 480 and 1060 and really the clincher for me was the lack of a decent small form factor 480, strange how the AIB's can ramp out so many custom cooler 1060's and barely a single 480.

    Quite frankly both cards will destroy pretty much any current game at up to 1080p so that shouldn't be a big issue for you. I wouldn't read too much into the DX12 results yet, there is too small a sample to form a conclusive argument either way yet. I would say be wary of the 1060 reviews there has been a lot of what I consider BS printed about its performance advantage over the RX 480.

    I don't think you will 'lose' whichever card you choose, I would ignore 3gb versions of the 1060 and the reference RX 480 but other than that I would just base my decision on small price differences/bundles.
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