Data Destruction for two SSD in a Raid 0 configuration with windows 8.1 installed

Hello forum,
QUESTION: How do I delete all my data safely on two SSD's with windows 8.1 installed in RAID 0 so that I may resell them? Is wiping hard drives in RAID 0 with an OS on it any different than wiping 1 hard drive with an OS on it?

My PC currently has two Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB SATA III MLC INTERNAL SSD'S in RAID 0 with Windows 8.1 on it and a 1 TB Seagate HD for storage

I want to wipe my two SSD'S clean of any of my DATA and reinstall windows on just ONE of the drives, and keep the other one for myself.

I've never resold a computer before, but I read that I need to completely wipe the drives to be sure no one can get my important information off of them once reselling, problem is looking up solutions online is just confusing the hell out of me. Can someone please help me do this so I don't end up messing up my system so I'm unable to resell the hard drives?

I will be here consistently monitoring the thread for a couple hours, so feel free to ask more questions for any information you need, thanks so much in advance!

- Techdummy
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    You don't even have to wipe, if you're keeping one of the drives then the one you sell will only have half the data on it. Just format it so its nice and blank for the new owner.
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