PC doesn't show display when booting

Just finished building a Win XP based system. Ive never been able to boot into the bios due to the PC not sending a display signal. Monitor sits in standby while pc is on.

NOTE: Sometimes, MOB beeps 3 times, ive already went ahead and ordered a new set of RAM . AND For some odd reason, it usually takes 2 tries with the power button to get it to start.

Specs: MOB - Intel DQ965GF
RAM- KingstonValueRAM DDR2 (2x2GB)
CPU- Intel Core DUO e...(something)
GPU- EVGA Geforce 8800 st
Case- Dell Optiplex Case
PSU- RENTEK 650 Watt

Green and Red light near DIMM slots

Besides RAM failiure, what else could be the problem?
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  1. Another Note: when i remove both sticks of ram i get 3 distress beeps. Ive tried using only one or both sticks in multiple slots-- so i suspect the model of RAM isnt compatible with the board
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