black screen while prime95

I recently wanted to see how my cpu cooler works and used prime95. after 3-4 minutes while i am at stock speeds I get black screen..
My specs are -cpu fx 8350
-mobo : asrock 980de3/u3s3
-cpu cooler : coolermaster 412 evo
-ram : 2 sticks of 4gb kingston hyperX fury 1833mhz
psu : corsair 550w 80+ white
gpu :gigabyte G1 1060
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    1) Change the cooler to the top-down blowing design type, not the tower type, because your MB has problem to power the fx8350 with low VRMS, that will cause the VRMs section overheat.
    2) Or buy other MB, like ga-970-ud3p, MSI 970 GAMING, etc.
  2. That board has a poor power and thermal design. I wouldn't be stressing my CPU on it.
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