Issues with brand new components, first time building a rig, any help greatly appreciated

So far my past 3 computers I've asked for the help of some of my more tech-savvy friends , however I decided to tackle the matter alone this time and now I'm in need of some help.
I went ahead and purchased a Thermaltake Core X1, ITX Cube, with a Gigabyte H97M-HD3 motherboard , Corsair CP-9020048, 600W, ATX 2.3 and a Asus GeForce GTX 960 Strix DirectCU II GPU. After a couple of hours of tinkering and reading manuals the rig was finished and I decided to power it on and try to install windows. Everything went fine until the GPU fan started being very noisy and I decided to check what was going and realized the GPU itself was very hot, and after a couple more moments the screen shutdown. After doing a bit of research I realized that the mobo I purchased was not compatible with the case ( ITX mobo required, silly me) and only that the GPU might've overheated due to the power source.
Now my questions are: Is my power source incompatible with the GPU? Also since I will need to change the current mobo to an mini ITX one, will the large GPU have issues on an ITX mobo ? Or should I just ditch the case ( really like it though) and buy one that fits the motherboard? Sorry for the long post and looking forward to your replies, thank you!
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More about issues brand components time building rig greatly appreciated
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    The PSU is compatible, but it is not a very good unit, for a gaming rig. You need to either get a new case, or a mini-itx board. Mini-itx is fine with large graphics cards.
  2. Thank you very much for your input. In the end I decided to change the case to one that would accommodate the motherboard(Thermaltake Core V41), and changed the power source to a Seasonic M12II-620 EVO Edition, as many of the posters here recommended it. Hopefully it should solve the issue with the overheating of the GPU so I won't have to take it into warranty after not being even able to put it to use.
  3. Yea, that is a good PSU choice.
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