asus G73JH freeze while gaming screen goes stripped and sound loops

hi everyone :)
i recently got a cheap asus G73JH, it was on bad shape someone struck it, i managed to fix almost everything on it got a new hdd for it and swamped the ram sticks for the ones from a lenovo i had.

how ever sometimes it freezes when im gaming screen goes stripped and sound loops

i used gpu z to check the gpu when it froze but it was on 75°C and then i used heaven benchmark with which it got up to 99° with out crashing so i dont think its overheating

also after it crashes the first time i must let it rest for a while, if i restart it inmidiatly it will freeze again after a few seconds, but without the strips it remains on the same image

i want to know if you think its the gpu, and to know if its worth getting a new one for it, or if there is something else i could do to fix it

btw sorry for my english :D
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  1. Could be bad video card, could be a RAM issue. If you can try a new video card in it for under $100 it may be worth fixing. May be some other damage though, you said it was hit, maybe a cable got messed up, or something else with the connection.
  2. i think only the built in screen got damaged, how ever the thing is i didn't want to get another cheap gpu scince then i would have to get even another one for gaming, also i already swamped all ram sticks, it havent shutdown in a while but i havent stressed it as much as when i first got it
    for example gaming while using spotify kills it any ways saints row 3 seems to be able to be enough by its own
  3. I had the GPU out and found little pieces of plastic on the socket, i removed them and repasted, this fixed almost everything but now if i leave it turned off through the night and plugged in ir freezes a few minutes after, even if i restart same thing Will happen, if i plug it off and hold Powershot button for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in it works fine
    Also after i plug it back in i must wait for another 10-15 seconds for it wont do anything if i presa power before
    Same thing goes for when i leave ir unplugged through the night
    My guess Is a faulty umm.. something on the motherboard which must be discharged to works propperly or something amomg those lines
    i just want to know if i should worry about that and see if i can fix it ir just leave ir like that as well as any advice you can give me
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