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A couple of months ago i bought an asus strix 960 2gb model to go in my system,a few days ago i have been looking at many reliable guides to overclock and followed precautions to find my max core clock using msi afterburner,at the moment i am sitting at 165mhz on the core clock with no voltage change and power limit set to 108% and max temp 95 degrees,the max temp its got in while running unigine heaven,i ran benchmarks with the overclock and without and i can confirm that the overclock is taking a positive effect however im seeing a few people that have been setting their core clocks to 80 (for example) and messing with the mem clock a bit more,i fully understand that everyones cards are differant in oc capability but i need assurance that it is safe at that clock speed,also i would like a couple guides to go to by people who are very reliable in the oc world,maybe some forums where i can check other peoples speeds on the same card as mine against my very own card,in fact any help and knowledge by you experienced folks would be much appreciated,i just want to learn after all

edit:msi afterburner shows 1469 mhz on core clock when under load/gaming
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    There are no "assurances" that your card will run at a certain speed. If you want to make sure the card is stable and does not get damaged, run it as it's running well now.
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