buy GTA V Social club copy and run with steam files ?

so gta 5 is 60 gigs and i copied the gta files off of my brothers pc to my hard drive. the thing is he bought gta on steam and i have all those steam dlls and stuff i want to buy gta today but the steam version in g2a is just too expensive my parents don't want to but that for me just wondering if i could play the game without downloading all of it with the files i already have if i buy a rockstar global cd- key I AM BUYING THE GAME THIS IS NOT PIRACY LOL JUST NOT THE STEAM VERSION BECAUSE IT IS $10 MORE DOLLARS THAN THE ROCKSTAR GLOBAL VERSION.

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    I assume if you put all of the GTA files into the rockstar directory where they would normally go and validate them, it would work? im not expert on this so i suggest doing some extra research, but i would not suggest purchasing games off of G2A, it is incredibly sketchy and encourages the stealing and re-distributing of CD keys.
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