Which is the best CPU cooler for AMD FX 9370 that would fit in my case?

Hey guys. I have an AMD FX 9370 and my current ZALMAN RESERATOR 3 MAX doesn't work properly so I decided to buy a new CPU cooler. My case is: CiT Apache Gaming Case- Green. Which cpu cooler should I buy that it would fit in my case and it would keep cool my CPU when I play? Thanks.
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  1. The case can accommodate 120mm fans at the front and up top, but CiT don't classify the case as being water cooling ready; most likely because there's no space for the radiator. What you're going to need (and I emphasise need) is a top-of-the-line air cooler like an NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro 3.

    Putting an FX-9370 in a cheap case was a bad idea. That CPU needs a huge amount of cooling and the motherboard will need plenty of airflow.
  2. And will those air coolers would be good for my CPU? Will it keep cool my AMD FX 9370 while gaming? Thanks.
  3. They offer similar cooling performance to a 240mm water cooler, so either should be fine. Just don't expect to overclock.
  4. look at the cryorig h7 which trades blows in testing with the dark rock pro 3 and is about $50-60 cheaper. they Cryorig H7 retails for about $35, compared to the other two at almost $100
  5. Thanks for the information. I was planning to buy a corsair h110i but I think it won't fit in my case. Will a h80i or an h90 do the job? Are those coolers good for my CPU? And pls tell me if an h110i would fit in my case.
    Sorry guys but I want to buy a water cooler because I had air coolers in the past and my amd fx 9370 was overheating very easily and my pc was turning off.
    Please tell me if there is a two fan water cooler which is good for my CPU and it would fit in my case. Thanks.
  6. bicycle_repair_man said:
    CiT don't classify the case as being water cooling ready; most likely because there's no space for the radiator.
  7. You have right up to some extent but I looked on amazon.co.uk (where I bought the case) and in the product detail was saying that my case can fit two 120mm fans so why a corsair h100i wouldn't fit? I want the corsair h100i to keep my CPU cool and all I want is to fit in my case. So why it wouldn't fit?
  8. AIO water coolers have to accommodate a radiator, which increases their size. If you fitted an H100i in that case you probably wouldn't get the cover back on.
  9. Well if you think the h100i doesn't fit in my case how I did manage to put it in? Also I managed to put the cover back on. So why you was thinking that it wouldn't fit?
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