MSI Z97 Gaming 5 onboard GPU wont display via HDMI to TV


I just got myself a new monitor and this one only has an HDMI Port but normaly I had my monitor connected with DVI so I could use the HDMI on my GTX 750 TI to connect my Samsung HD TV.

To be clear, I used the DVI and HDMI ports on my GTX 750 TI. But now I want to use my onboard GPU to connect my TV via HDMI. The problem here is, that it does not work, it just says no signal found.

I did enabled some option in the BIOS so I could also use my onboard GPU. But that doenst seem to do anything. Pls help me I made screenshot in the bios what I changed. I HAVE set it to enabled
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    You may need to first connect the tv to the motherbd gpu using dvi cable before the HDMi portion will work.
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