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Hi, I heard a loud pop from my power supply while rendering a video and I think it's fried. I'm scared of one thing though, does this mean that the motherboard or cpu are fried too? They cost me so much money and (as a 15 year old). It took me like half a year to save up all of that money to build it. I was planning on buying a new power supply but I didn't have any money. What power supply can I buy for like £60?

I took the power supply out and it's in the bin now and when I took it out, little pieces of something like plastic or glass went all over my floor.

I'm just really worried about the other components
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  1. if it's a halfway decent PSU it has safeguards to prevent your system taking damage from a faulty PSU

    an XFX TS 550W should be around 60Pound
    but it depends on your setup, post your specs and we'll find a nice unit ;)
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    If you pull the PSU out of the bin and take a picture of the bits that flew out, it would be easier to guess where the damage was and how likely it is to have affected the outputs.

    I'm guessing that the "bits of plastic" are the encapsulation of some switching FETs on the primary blowing apart when the FET failed catastrophically either from being under-sized or poor circuit design. If I am correct, your components should be perfectly safe.

    The secondary side does not usually have anywhere near enough energy to blow components apart. If you had said that small metal cans were rattling around in the power supply (capacitor shells) or a substantial amount of smoke coming out of the computer/PSU before it popped, then I would have been more worried.
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