Graphics Artifacts and Crash w/ Vive, now completely unstable

Hi Guys,

New here, and absolutely stumped with my computer!

Specs are:
Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti
16GB Kingston Hyper X RAM
Corsair RX650 power supply.

TL;DR - Computer locking up after apparent graphics crash when trying to use my Vive, and then struggle to boot!

So, a few months back, my computer completely stopped loading into Windows 7 after trying to connect my Vive (worked before). It would load to the Windows logo, and then went to a black screen and no further. Did a complete clean install of Windows 7 out of frustration, and got it working and upgraded to Windows 10.

So last night, decided to hook up my Vive again, DP to Mini DP. Install Steam VR, start up Space Pirate Trainer, and about 10 seconds in get a huge amount of static artifacts on the screen (i.e. if I moved the artifacts moved with me, but the background moved as if I was looking around) then computer completely locked.

Trying to boot, multiple restarts, finally get to Windows repair, restore back to a Sunday restore point, and boot up. Once into windows, try to do clean install of graphics driver and complete lock up and reboot.

Got frustrated, turned it off and went to bed.

Tonight, boot it up, install graphics driver, start up firestrike and artifacts immediately, and crashes after about 10 seconds, completely locking up. Multiple reboots, goes into Windows repair and I have just shut it down.

I have no idea wtf is going on here, All hardware (bar hard drives) are 9 months old.

Also to add, on the Sunday my mate and I were trying to install a Fury X to undertake some benchmarking, and could not get anything to show on the screen, wouldn't even show the BIOS!

I am getting old of a 680ti to try, but not holding my breath :(
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  1. Could be dead card, could be bad power supply, could be a driver issue, but your issues smell of dead video card.
  2. Playing with it today, removed my cable extensions and it seems it has helped...

    I did get a display driver crash about 20 minutes into a firestrike test, but I am running it again now...

    Have not yet tried the Vive, but will see how it goes

    Edit 2: 1.5hrs of looping 4k Firestrike, no issue. Currently running Aida64 w/Firestrike to test further, 30mins in, temps stabilised and all running fine.

    Edit 3: Boot it up this morning to further stress test, can't even get it into windows. Wtf?!

    Got "driver power state failure" error on one of the boot attempts. The driver is the latest nvidia driver with a clean install dive prior to my testing yesterday.
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