Raidmax GX: Will a GTX 1070 MSI gaming X 8G fit?

I am looking to upgrade my current graphics card (GTX 970 MSI gaming 4G) to a GTX 1070 MSI gaming X 8G. The issue I am having is that the 1070 is substantially larger than the 970. I have Raidmax GX case and an ASUS z170 pro gaming motherboard. Does anyone have a build like this or know of a way for me to find out if it will fit? (I would prefer not to have to remove the card and measure it but if that is the only option...) Please let me know of any ideas!
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    you can look here for the dimensions of every card on the market if known

    and you can measure the inside of the case to see what it will hold. measure from the i/o bracket where the current card is and then toward the front of the case until it hits the first thing in the way.

    this is how long the card can be inside the case.

    edit: this review says it can hold

    "By default the Viper GX has room for graphics cards up to around 320mm in length, however if you remove the side of the drive cage you will have space for cards up to 415mm in length."

    gaming x is 279mm so it should fit with plenty of room
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