Opinions about potential Corsair H110i GTX fan replacement...

Hi folks, question out there for other Corsair H110i GTX owners... have any of you replaced your fans on the stock unit recently with newer gen fans? If so, would you have any good suggestions?

One of the stock fans is starting to go on me and I've been eyeing the new ML series fans from Corsair as replacements. Only real difference in terms of specs between them is the CFM, with the stock fans pushing 104.5cfm vs an even 100 with the ML series. RPMs etc. are the same.

Does anyone have any opinions or experience already with this? I hate how these fans howl during intense gaming sessions, even though my system is large and well cooled and the Corsair Link software doesn't allow me to really tinker with the RPM settings.

Thanks in advance for any input and advice :D
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    The stock fans are typically terrible on AIOs like the H110i and Kraken x61.
    I always recommend these, they have a great static pressure rating, run whisper quiet and push great amounts of air.
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