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I have lost ABC network on my 10 year old tv. This is the only channel that went off the tv. I use a indoor antenna and all

My Sanyo flat screen tv is 10 years old and works fine until one day my ABC network left and I cannot get that channel back. I reset the scan and rescanned the channels back in and still no ABC network. All other channels still come in. Will a tv remove a channel?
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    It has nothing to do with you or the TV.

    Either the TV station is having trouble. Yes, even TV stations can have unforeseen technical issues, or

    They made major equipment change and is now transmitting on another frequency.

    Go to their website for messages.
  2. maybe call the local station to see if there down for any repairs and just off the air ? I got 2 down today 13.3 and 13.4 I assume there fixing something and just off the air ?? 13.1 and 13.2 are still going
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