How To Set Up Raid 0 For Two SSDs?

This is my rig:

So I want to run two MX300s in Raid 0, so should I buy a raid controller or should I do it through software. Is one better than the other, and how do you actually set it up?
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  1. You should be able to set up Intel Raid in your motherboard BIOS.

    You'll want to do this before installing anything, even the OS.
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    How To Set Up Raid 0 For Two SSDs?

    Basically, you don't.

    You will see zero performance benefit, and gain many functional detriments.
    Read this all the way through before you continue down this road:,3485.html
  3. I'd just by the 1.1TB MX300(cheaper than 2 575Gb drives) and avoid raid 0. Raid 0 on SSDs is pointless for the most part.,3485.html
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