What is the ideal temp for 'inside' a desktop computer?


Just a question, as I'm just curious

What is the ideal temp for the inside a computer while it is operating idle and while under moderate load.

My stock i7 4790K CPU gets around 30-40C idle, 45-65C at gaming load.

Nvidia GTX MSI GTX 970 4GB OC Edition GPU gets anywhere between 40-60C.

My Corsair 750D's inside temp is around 22-27C
(I live in Britain and we are currently experiencing rather humid weather)

I have 2x front intake 140mm, x1 bottom intake 120 mm, x2 top exhaust 120mm, x1 back 140mm exhaust and are all set manually via fan controller to run at around 700-800rpm except the back which matches the CPU fans speed which can be between 700-1200rpm as motherboard controls it. Back fan can do about max fan speed of 1600rpm while CPU fan can do just over 2000rpm there about)

Sooo, what is the ideal case temp?

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  1. They are fine. Anything under 80c is great for both the CPU and GPU.
  2. I asked about case temp. What is the lowest and highest safe temp?
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    Wayfall said:
    I asked about case temp. What is the lowest and highest safe temp?

    Who cares about case temp if the rest of the system is cool? If it's 1000c outside but 18c inside I'm feeling fine.
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