Games Sound Stuttering after I dusted my Laptop

So, at first, my laptop suddenly lags a lot. It is very hot, so I blow the exhaust and intake, which turns out pretty dusty. After that, my laptop fan seems to be quieter than usual and I notice that my laptop isnt as hot as it usually is, which is good.

Then, I try to play the same game, lags have reduced a bit, but now the sound is stuttering throughout gameplay... Any fix?
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    It sounds like you really need to open it up (if you feel comfortable doing so) and clean it out well. If you could blow dust out that way, there is probably more.

    This could be part of your problem. There could also be loose wiring connected to the speakers. Do you get the same sound issue when in headphones?

    You might also want to update your sound drivers to see if that resolves the problem.
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