I want to buy a cpu(processor+mb+ram+graphics card).What will be the best config?

Suggest me a cpu(i5 processor(It should support win 7 ultimate)+mb(asus/gigabyte)+8gb ram+2gb graphics card).My budget is 35000 rupees(550 usd).I mainly used it for software development and medium gaming purpose.
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  1. You can't find an i5 system for that budget in the US, let alone india. Stick to an i3 6100, gigabyte b150 d3, 16gb ram, $30 case, seasonic s12ii or similar at ~430-520W, and a 750ti (total of ~$475, probably a bit over your budget after adjusting for ridiculous prices over there) unless you go the used parts route.
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    Getting this stuff over there is a whole different issue though.
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