HyperX Cloud 2 without USB?

So I was looking into buying the clouds but my friend recently bought them and when we were on teamspeak his mic quality wasnt good and kept changing volume. He fixed most issues with volume changing (still happened ocassionaly) but to get a crisp, clear audio he had to use the headset without the soundcard. He doesnt know if it removed 7.1 as its his first 7.1 headset but does anyone know if its a huge difference.

Its put me off buying them the fact that id have to either put up with mic problems or use them with no 7.1 or usb
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    1) Those headphones (and actually NO headphones at all) have true "7.1". In particular, these are just standard 2 channel headphones with a downmix soundcard for virtualized audio
    2) Most motherboards come with an audio codec capable of headphone virtualization anyway, so the usb dongle is redundant at best (and usually a piss poor unit compared to modern onboard audio from high end motherboards)
    3) The Cloud Core is the same thing but cheaper because it doesn't come with the dongle
    4) if you can afford better sets, buy better sets. The Cloud 2 are based on a fairly good design from plantronics, but you can usually find audiophile sets like the HD518 for the same price
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