Video goes black after a while of using the computer, needs hard reset

I built my computer in 2007 with incremental upgrades. At this point I am only trying to keep it alive long enough so that it can be replaced soon.

I recently replaced my PSU and my GPU because my old PSU would no longer boot if it was plugged in for a long time. The new PSU is a corsair CX500M. A few weeks later, my old EVGA GTX 460 was replaced with a EVGA GTX 750Ti because video would cut out after the computer was on for awhile (this seemed to maybe coincide with the new anniversary patch?).

This problem still occurs where the screen will go black while music is still playing in the background, however now it takes longer to do. I had originally thought it was just not coming back from sleeping, but I had it happen on me now while I was using the computer.

What could be causing this problem? My first thought was that the PSU is failing somehow, but I would think 500W would be enough for this rig.

Specs are:
Windows 10 x64
Core 2 Quad Q6600
EVGA nForce 680i
Corsair CX500M

Thank you for any help!
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    I recently had my monitor behave like this on me. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting the graphics card never thinking to check the monitor. If the computer isn't really crashed and it's just the screen going black I would try a different monitor. I was able to fix my monitor by replacing the controller board in it. When I removed the controller from the monitor I could see a little black spot behind a transistor. It smelled like the magic blue smoke so I knew which component to replace.
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