Windows 7 PC Blue Screening after CPU Fan Error and Overclock Error

CPU: i5 2400
GPU: MSI Radeon R9 270
RAM: Crucial 1600MHz
Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
Boot Drive: Crucial M4 64GB SSD
HDD: WD Black 250GB
PSU: Cougar RS 450W
Other: FireWire card

This computer has worked fine for years, I recently swapped out the motherboard to accommodate a firewire card for audio recording.
Everything worked fine for close to a month, but, after moving my computer to college, it will not work properly.
First boot: CPU fan error. Simple. There was a wire sitting on the fan that had come untied, so I fixed that.
Then the computer wouldn't start properly, the fans/mobo lights would turn on, spool up, turn off again.
I couldn't get it to open the BIOS screen even, sometimes it wouldn't get there or if it did it'd say "DEL to open" and not open when the correct key way pressed.
Second boot: CPU overclock error. Note that I had not OC'd my CPU, it has an automatic turbo boost that had not been messed with by me; for some reason it was set to "manual" so I set it to "auto" and it seemed to fix it; booted to safe mode, seemed to be fine, so I booted to normal mode.
I opened chrome to start typing in the error code numbers, and the pages kept crashing.
Then, suddenly, blue screen flashes and computer shuts off.
This happened again, and then the third time it has been hung in a black screen trying to open safemode for ~10 minutes at this point.

Pictures with some of the error codes safemode game me:
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  1. Update: I got it to boot again, looked at the error log, and it seems to be just a collection of random symbols. I'm not that familiar with such things (I know enough for light troubleshooting and putting the hardware in, but that's about it), so that might be normal?

    It's currently running, but I don't like the fact that it seems to have "fixed itself," with me still being unaware of what the problem is.
    Thanks in advance for anyone who has an answer for me!
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