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Hi. My laptop hard drive stopped working a few days ago. I pull it out of the computer and put into a USB drive enclosure, one those where you can put all different sorts of raw drives in, and it powers up, spins without any funny sounds, and it appears in my finder on my new windows 8 laptop. I can access the system recover partition, but when i go the partition with my files, it tries to access but then gives me the "drive not accessible - Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)". I tried using the tools>rightclick>checkdisk thing as well as the command line CHKDSK. I also downloaded the SEAtools (it's a Seagate drive) and all the checks that can do were unsuccessful. It would run for a while and then give up. I also tried the HDDScan with no luck either. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Image the partition , skipping errors. Then run recovery software on the image. "You will not get it all back and consider yourself lucky if you get anything back at all" is the mindset you need to have going into this.
    R-Studio imaging module, HDDguru raw copy tool, ddrescue (linux), to name a few, can all do this.
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