overclocking 8350 stock cooler fails at 4.3Ghz when temps are OK! Why?

I have an fx8350 stock 4.0Ghz with a stock cooler.
MOBO: ASUS 970 Pro gaming / Aura
PSU: CM G650M (650Watts)

i'm looking to overclock it, I already did but it feels unstable ( prime95 worker stopped ) when overclocked at 4.3 Ghz (only using multiplier). but temperatures are fine 52-58° full load
On 4.2 it is stable.

my quesiton is why does it fail at 4.3Ghz ?? My temperatures are good 52-58° is it because I have a stock cooler? I thought you'd only need a aftermarket cooler if the temps are getting to high wich is not the case ... :/

Should I get an aftermarket cooler? will this help me getting a higher overclock?

thanks for your time,
kind regards!

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  1. I found with my 8350 I had to up the voltage quite a bit to go from 4200 to 4300.

    Saying that tho with your stock cooler I wouldn't go any further than 4200. 61° is the safe max temp for that cpu. if you are already hitting 58° then adding volts is not going to help your heat problem. A aftermarket cooler will help but you will still have to up the voltage to get it stable.
  2. so the reason for it to be unstable is that I have to upper the Vcore right?

    so if I upper the Vcore it must get stable, no questions asked... it has to be?

    but it would be safer to do that after I purchased a aftermarket cooler ( will go for the Hyper EVO 212 ) ...

    What succesfull OC have you reached?
  3. I got 4200 @ 1.33V stable with turbo core off and peaks at 50°+/-. My cooler is quite old now so that's all I can do. I don't know if it was completely stable but I had 4300 @ 1.37V but with full fans I reached 62° in 30 mins (prime95). All chips are different tho so yours may vary.

    The Hyper EVO 212 is the best cheapest air cooler out there and will way better than the stock one you have.
  4. I'm just not sure it will help out my stability issues... :/
    anyway thanks for your thoughts appreciate it.
  5. The Evo 212 may not help with stability but you wont be able to clock much further if you are already hitting 58°.

    Hopefully someone who has clocked higher will chime in here.

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    Hi just check in BIOS that FAN is Not on "Silent" or something like that profile.
    FX series have lower threshold of max temp than other somewhere in 70C range.
    i am @ 4.5 GHz stable since way too long.... on a Gigabyte MB. they should not have trouble overclocking....4.3 is nothing i can go 4.5 without any manual voltage tweak, i let the settings on auto in BIOS, and can go 4.8 without any voltage tweak on 2 modules 4 cores. Check PSU and if your system is already straining the PSU to the limit then it may be difficult.
    And the temperature of VRM and other motherboard component is important too , hope you have well ventilated PC case.
    Check following guide:
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