2TB HDD Samsung external hard disk problems

I got it like a week ago and im having problems.
When I tried copying things to it it would just crash and I would have to turn off my computer take out the hard disk and turn on the pc and then put in the hd. Then i tried doing quick format which was where things got outa control. the hard disk isnt accesable to windows anymore and when i press format nothing happens. :P im very pissed and scared I broke this thing in like 1 week xD
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  1. Download Seatools fro windows and run some scans on the drive (if it even sees it). You must remember that sometimes drives come DOA or are damaged. You should still have solid warranty coverage if there is an issue but this is the first step for opening a warranty claim.
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    Hi there Minde1337,

    Do you have a spare cable?
    You can attach the drive with a different cable to another computer. That way, you will see whether all of this is caused by some sort of a connection issue.
    In case the issue persists, then I believe you just need to contact the manufacturer or the place you got it from as 01111111 suggested.
    You can try to test the drive with some testing tool that can provide a SMART report. Yet, I believe your system would crash once again.

    D_Know_WD :)
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