What would you change to make my pc a BEAST

I currently use a

Gtx 1080 (no need for sli)
Intel i7 4790
16gb ram
Acer MS-7869 Motherboard
Asus 1080p Monitor 60ghz

I want the best components to max out the gpu performance while gaming. not the ridiculous thousands of pounds cpu tho,

Thank you
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    The monitor! The GTX 1080 is wasted on that and is likely running at 25% utilization on most games.

    Get a 1440p 144Hz monitor (or 4k if that's your style, but expect to turn down some settings). Make it IPS and Gsync if you really want all the bells and whistles.
  2. Im with timeconsumer. Get a lovely new 1440p or ultra wide Gsync screen.

    Personally I would avoid 4k, but that is just me!
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