2 SSDs raid 0, 1 regular HDD used for storage.

I currently have 1 SSD (windows) and 1 HDD (storage). I ran out of SSD space so i bought an exact same SSD so I could have more storage (dont care about speed).
So my question is: Can I run my 2 ssds in raid 0, and have my hdd just as a separate non raid drive?
If my question is confusing please ask.
Thanks, Dan.
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    Hey there, @Dan!

    What do you plan to use this SSD RAID 0 for? The RAID 0 configuration has no redundancy which will basically cause you data loss on both SSDs if one of the drives drops out of the array or even worse - fails. This array will improve speed but it is still less than the optimal configuration. Moreover, you put in jeopardy the reliability of the drives. Even if you decide to do it, daily/regular backups are a must, otherwise you would lose it.
    As for the question in general, you can definitely run such configurations, but I don't see any performance & reliability benefits from configuring RAID 0 on the booting SSDs.
    I'd advise you to read this thread with some more experts' opinions on the matter.

    Here's a benchmark review from Tom's Hardware regarding One SSD vs. Two In RAID.

    Keep me posted if you have more questions.
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