Amd 8350 - Should I make the switch to Intel ?

Well today I will be trying to explain to you of what my problem is as of now, but first off here are my PC specs.

AMD 8350
MSI R9 380
MSI 970 gaming motherboard
Kingston HyperX 2x4 sticks
Kingston SSD V300 series
1 Terabyte Western Digital
Corsair's CXM 750w power supply
Windows 10 pro

Now, my problem as of now is i don't feel as if my PC is working at its best performance. Some of my doubts are coming from smaller games such as Minecraft. In similar builds i am seeing up to 500+ fps but I on the other had are getting 100 and lower. In some if the harder games to run I'm getting mostly above 60 fps at high settings. But some games I have researching are very (CPU intensive). I am wondering if it is because I have an AMD CPU. I feel if I got an Intel my gaming experience may be betterz because most people recommend Intel over AMD. (As I said, in the games that were more GPU intensive
I seemed to get better results)
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    I personally have nothing against AMD's CPUs but Intel is always going to be better. Even an i3 6100 is better for gaming then the FX 8350. If you want to make the jump to Intel i recommend at least an i5 6500. If you are on a very low budget, get a aftermarket air cooler and Overclock the hell out of your 8350. If you have a very high budget, consider also replaced your graphics card with a RX 480 or GTX 1070.
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