fifa 17 on low pc

is i3 4170 and gtx 750ti also 8gb ram pc can hundle fifa 17 ( in any setting doesnt matter for me even in low) but without lag ???
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  1. Yep, should handle it perfectly fine! :)
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    According to the minimum specs you are fine.

    (Your TOTAL CPU processing power is roughly 40% higher, and since the game is likely fairly well threaded your dual-core + hyperthreaded CPU is probably going to be mostly used)

    Your CPU is slightly above minimum, and your GPU is much higher than minimum.

    AFTER the game is released I suggest looking for benchmarks, particularly "CPU SCALING" benchmarks. Most are just for the GPU and are done with a high-end quad-core Intel CPU like the i7-6700K.

    I suspect we'll see several issues in the first few months since apparently it uses a new version of the Frostbite game engine, AND the fact that most games now seem to have issues on launch.
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