Ps4 vs x box one for sports games

Long time pc gamer here looking to either pick up the xbox one or the ps4 for sports games and other online competitive games. I would like to primarily play baseball games, but unfortunately the show and rbi are only console bound, so i am left playing android games such as mlb perfect inning.

Just looking for some general pros and cons for each console and it if even worth picking one up with next gens nearing next year?

Ps. I have a great gaming rig, but it doesn't cover my sports addictions.

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    I used to have so much fun with Sports Champion on my ps move. But XBox Kinect seems to be cool. I've experienced both. It feels better with PS Move for most games (baseball, volleyball, tennis, ping pong...). The PS Move controller works really well and does not require much space. There is also an equivalent to Kinect which is PS Camera and work in a similar way.
    Most baseball games are not ps4/xbox one exclusive as they available to both console. People generally prefer ps4 for its higher quality performance
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