Overclock E5450 with G41 Chipset Mobo

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo Rev 1.3
CPU: Intel Xeon E5450 SLBBM (E0 stepping) 3.00GHz Stock.
RAM: Kingston KVR1333D3N94G x 2 (8GB DDR3 1333MHz) but works on 1066MHz

Here is my questions:
1- My motherboard supports DDR3 1333MHz RAMs (according to Gigabyte) with O.C. I don't have much experince with BIOS tweaking and OC so I don't know how to OC it. How can I do?

2- How to OC my CPU. I just increase (only) my FSB 333 to 356 for get (9x356= 3.2 GHz) but PC didnt boot so I resetted CMOS and didn't tried again.

3- On BIOS there is a setting named System Memory Multiplier (SMM). Looks like I'm gonna get 1333MHz if I select 4.00A or 4:00C but on the side panel, there is an info says A for 266MHz, B for 333MHz and C for 200MHz fur I cant find 4.00B on SMM

As an extra info in BIOS RAM's Latency Looks 9-9-9-24 (so 1333MHz)
Thanks for all of your time.
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    Read the Overclocking Guide.

    I find that G31/G41 boards seem to run out of steam at around ~350MHz FSB. Try increasing the FSB in small increments to see where it begins to fail. Also remember to look at voltages, and make sure the CPU Core Voltage isn't set to auto. It might also help to set the PCIE clock to 100MHz instead of auto.

    As for the RAM, try setting it to one of the other 4.00 options. Gigabyte boards will tell you what the memory speed will be before you save the settings. You might have to play around with the RAM timings though.
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