is the 6700k the only.skylake cpu that is i7

will there be faster cpu's out for the z170 mobo's..or is the 6700k the only i7 skylake cpu that will get.releasd?
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  1. Currently For socket Skylake 1151 socket yes.
  2. 99% no ... if you want faster get X99
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    For socket Skylake 1151 socket yes.

    .. arent Kaby Lake coming soon ? with new chipset ?
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    For Skylake yes the i7-6700 and i7-6700k are the only i7's (the 6700 is the same CPU, slightly less clock speed and not overclockable).

    Kabylake CPUs are coming out by the end of the year which will likely use the same socket, and possibly work with the Skylake chipset (with a BIOS update) but it remains to be seen if thats true or not.
  5. Kaby lake I7-7700K is supposed to run on lga1151.
    But, it likely will not be significantly faster.
    It is expected to have better integrated graphics.
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