Why does my GTX 1080 give only 60 fps on low graphic games?

So i have a i7 6700k/ MSI GTX 1080 and when i play csgo at max setting in 1080p givign me only 60 fps compared to low spec pc that gives 200 fps. WTF?! ryt? and then another game rainbow six seige at ultra at 1440p also giving 60 fps but crashes when i try to play online same thing on overwatch ultra settings at 1440p only 60 fps stable. all of this on a 4k monitor with Gsync on.
pls halp!
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  1. Why? It's your fault by leaving v-sync on most likely. Either that or your other settings are also different, either framecapping or you're now recording something
  2. G sync is the reason,it caps the framerate at 60fps so it doesnt have screen tearing
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    Disable GSync/Vsync
    Go to csgo console and type "fps_max 0" without quotes
    Enjoy 800 fps.
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