BIOS Detecting New RAM, But Windows 10 Hangs While Booting

I've run into a weird problem folks.
I have 2 RAM sticks running in my laptop for over 2 years - 1st one-2GB 1333 MHz, 2nd one- 2GB 1600MHz. I wish to upgrade a stick to 4GB so as to make the total RAM 6GB. I bought a Kingston 4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 module and replaced the 1333MHz stick with it. Here the problem starts..
After doing so, the system POSTs perfectly, but when the windows logo comes at the beginning of booting, it hangs and eventually turns off the computer automatically. Then after restarting manually, Windows tries to recover the system but fails again and again at the same point. I then removed the other stick and tried with the new Kingston alone.. got no success. But the system is working fine with the old RAMs.
My questions are-
1. If the new RAM is incompatible, why is the system POSTing and proceeding to the boot screen?
2. In BIOS, its showing 6144MB of total RAM, i.e. the new RAM is being detected and should be working fine. No beeps due to memory fault. And still this problem arising?
3. I scheduled a memory test in Windows and tested the new memory entirely before booting, but found NO ERRORs. So where is the problem????

Final Question- System is POSTing, showing the memory module in BIOS, getting no error in memory tests.. but still hangs while booting. Even it doesn't let me reinstall the Windows because of the same problem.
What should be the possible reasons and why?
Thanks in advance..
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  1. Good chance the memory is bad anyway, use memtestx86 to confirm
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