HOT? AMD FX-8350 CPU w/ Corsair Hydro Series H55 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler

Hey all,

I've had my system for a little over 9 months now. I have an AMD FX-8350, stock speeds no OC, it has a Corsair H55 cooling it in a mid-tower case. About a month ago my ASUS MB sensor program began showing me a warning that my CPU had exceeded the threshold of 65C (I've seen it spike as high as 70C) while playing Overwatch. I called Ibuypower (where I had the rig built) and they informed me that 65C is a normal temp while gaming, and that I should increase the threshold to 75C at least. I've read conflicting articles on the web, so I'm not sure what to do. Is the 70C normal? Should I invest in a better CPU cooler? Would additional fans inside the case help? I currently have the 1 120mm that comes with the CPU cooler, and one pull fan in front of the case.

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