New pc having boot post issues

Ok so I built my first ever gaming rig I used the gtx 1070 Intel i5 6600k 16gb ram my motherboard is the msu z170 a pro evga 650 watt psu the cooler master hyper 212 evo ok now here's my problem everything was working fine until I started tinkering with bios now when my of powers on everything works but I'm not getting bios to post and I'm getting a red cpu light on the motherboard someone please help!!!
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  1. Have you tried clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for a minute)?
  2. Yes I'm still getting the same thing
  3. I even pulled the battery overnight
  4. Then board, or CPU (if the CPU fan does spin and still red CPU LED). I'd RMA them both.
  5. The cpu fan is spinning I'm thinking it's the motherboard can bios fry the motherboard keepin mind I am not an expert at computers lol
  6. Tonight I'm going to un plug everything from the psu replica it back in then if that doesn't work I'm going to pull thou then put that back in and see if that does the trick I was also wondering if the bios is reset and there is some type of default function and I need to connect my monitor to the motherboard display like the vga
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