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My plan is to make a custom mosfet heatsink for my F2A68HM-S1 motherboard, but i'm having a problem identifying the ones i need to cool. I am unsure if i need to cool the yellow marked mosfets as they are pretty cool in comparison to the red marked ones, which are too hot to touch during full load.

I already made the heatsink for the red marked ones. I've seen on high end mobos that they have cooling on the mosfets above the cpu, but what are they for and should i cool them if they don't get hot?
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  1. Red ones for sure. They are for CPU. What's your plan for fastening it ?
  2. CountMike said:
    Red ones for sure. They are for CPU. What's your plan for fastening it ?

    The riser (left object in the picture) will sit on the mosfets with some adhesive thermal tape in between. The heatisnks will be fixed to the riser with 3 screws and some themal paste between. I'll bend some hard wire, it will go between 2 fins of the bigger heatsink, curl around the cpu mounting bracket screws and fixed with nuts (left nut on the picture and the one below it)
  3. Could those yellow ones be for the iGPU? I'm figuring that fm2+ boards support APUs and maybe those heatsinks are for the igpu? I have an Atlhon 750k which has the igpu disabled.
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    Consider some thermal adhesive, you would not need other fasteners with it.
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