Chkdsk stuck processing WD MyPassport 1TB Hard drive

I've been having problems with my Western Digital MyPassport hard drive. It started when a download to the drive I was in the midst of froze and locked up my computer, so I did a hard reboot. Since then, the drive is either unrecognizable, or functions okay for a little bit after being plugged in before slowing to a crawl, or otherwise has problems, such as some folders being inaccessible, some (but not all) files unable to be viewed, etc.

I've been trying to retrieve all my data from it (it's a little less than half full) and have tried a whole array of options. Using my Windows 7 desktop, the drive would generally not be found. It'd show in My Devices but not in My Computer or Disk Management. The few times I was able to get it to recognize the drive, my attempts to run chkdsk, TestDisk, GetDataBack and some other processes would fail. The drive essentially locked up my computer - GetDataBack would freeze upon scanning for drives until I unplugged the external drive, for example. My Windows 10 laptop was able to recognize the drive, and for a little bit I'd be able to view all the folders and files, but the processing was incredibly slow. It took 15-20 minutes to copy over 40 mb of files, for example.
My friend brought his Linux laptop over because I read that Linux was much better at dealing with broken file systems than Windows. We tried ntfsfix and it seemed to run successfully, but the drive was still unable to be mounted. When I tried again on my Win10 laptop, it seemed to work okay, albeit a bit slow. I set it to copy a large folder of pictures and videos and let it run over night, but shortly into the copying, it broke, and viewing the folders/files at this point was as I mentioned earlier where some folders would say "inaccessible" and some files simply couldn't be viewed, while others were fine.

At this point, I tried running GetDataBack on my Win10 machine and it spit out a bunch of errors saying that it can't read sectors. I tried Uneraser, same thing. I also saw a suggestion to create an image before running either of those programs, and then using the image instead of the drive itself. I downloaded Macrium Reflect and attempted to make an image of the drive, but it gave me an error that the MFT was corrupt and to run chkdsk G: /r.

As mentioned, chkdsk was not working on my desktop, but I started to run it on my laptop now and all seemed to be going well. However, it got to Stage 4 " looking for bad clusters in user file data" and seems to have effectively frozen. When I left it last night it was at around 102 of 129520, and this morning it was at 138, and 140 a couple hours later...

So, my simplest question is - what is the proper way to cancel chkdsk given that it seems to have essentially locked up? Without potentially causing further harm to the hard drive? In addition to that, any other suggestions for getting my data off this drive?

Thank you!
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    Welcome to the TH community, @thoughtxriot!

    I'm truly sorry to see you struggle with the WD My Passport so much! I'd strongly recommend you to be patient and let CheckDisk run its course. Whenever you suspect a hard drive failure, it's always best to run the HDD's brand-specific diagnostic utility instead of checkdisk, as it can potentially corrupt data, since it blocks bad sectors (and everything stored on them). I'd advise you to run the QUICK and EXTENDED tests from WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostic for Windows , once chkdsk has finished scanning the WD My passport.

    It's not really advisable to use third-party recovery tools for your data, especially when you haven't determined the kind of damage on the HDD. If the files on the external is so important to you, please refer to one of our Worldwide Data Recovery Partners for assistance. They are your best bet on getting anything back. You should also check the warranty on the WD Passport on our website. If it's still covered, make sure you contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

    Keep me posted, though. Good luck!
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