CPU peaks in temp under normal load

Hey guys,

Lately I've noticed that my CPU is getting extremely hot under normal (web-browsing/watching videos) and heavy loads (video games).

During normal loads, it usually hovers between 43C up to 54C but usually it's around 47-50C. Then there are times where it peaks extremely high, 70C to 80C. And just today it happened to peak all the way to 100C for a moment. Can I get any explanation for this? I don't know if it's normal to get these kind of temps under this kind of load.

Under heavy loads, I'll get CPU temps at around 70C up to 80C. I don't even know if this is normal or okay. I'll be playing games like Fallout 4, Witcher 3, or Rise of the Tomb Raider at around high settings. My GPU temps are around 70C.

I'm using RealTemp, MSI Afterburner and CPUID HWMonitor to check my temps and they all report the same kind of readings.

i5-4690k w/ stock cooler.
Asrock H97 Mobo
2x 4GB RAM
MSI R9 270X
Windows 10
2 exhaust case fans and 2 intake case fans
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  1. Intel Stock cooler sucks. I have seen this before as the thermal paste they pre-apply ages. Either replace the thermal paste with something better or get a new cooler like hyper 212 evo.
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    reasons for high temps:

    - dirty cabinet/CPU
    Solution : Clean it..
    - The air flow is blocked.. i.e. the CPU is in a closed space restricting the movement of hot air out and/or inlet of the cold air..
    Solution : keep the CPU in an open place and test it..
    - the CPU Fan is failing
    Solution : get a new aftermarket cooler air/liquid
    - Thermal paste will be automatically reapplied fresh when you get a new cooler.. :)

    70-80 C is normal under load/gaming..

    40s is normal under light use..
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