Windows 10 PC Boot Issues

Hello, I finally figured out what the issue is, which is causing the boot problems. I'll explain it here, and maybe you can help me out.

So when my computer forces an restart, such as Windows Update, or BitDefender with there updates.. Basically restarting my computer when I'm not using it.

Once my computer restarted and then the black screen shown, saying couldn't find proper boot, press any key. When I get to this screen, I've pushed CTRL + ALT + Delete, which took me to the BIOS Screen. I saw that my HDD was disabled or not just showing. Not sure why. Which is causing the issues I am having.

So theirs the issue, however I can shut down my computer and turn it on. It will boot up 100% everytime. Just with these restarts is the issue. Not sure, why it would like disable or hide my hard drive on a restart from windows update or something.

My computer works 100% fine, when the computer is turned on. Just not restarted.

Here's a list of stuff that I've tried, to see if it would fix the issue.

Any tips? Thanks :).
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