Rise of the Tomb Raider Low Fps with low gpu and cpu usage, gtx 1080

I'm in the soviet installation now currently and I get a lot of fps dips down to about 50 outside with my gtx 1080 ftw usage at around 75% max, nvidia settings for the game prefer maximum performance, and the cpu usage is at around 40-50%.

My specs are:
I7 4770 3.9ghz oc
8gb gddr3 2133mhz ram
gtx 1080 ftw

My graphics are all the highest they can be at 1920x1080, with blur options off, and dx 11, with reforge smaa for aa, vxao on, vsync off usying nvidia adaptive vsync.

Based on this I'm just wondering if this is normal, or is there is something bad or wrong or underperforming about my setup that makes tomb raider drop to 50fps with low gpu and cpu usage? Is there a fix? Thanks.
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    try playing around with settings and and see which one causing your PS to drop below 60. also disable nvidia adaptive sync. did the game have setting for draw distance or something like that?
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