Stuck in a boot loop; chkdsk issues

Hoping I can get some help from an expert here.

The situation has gotten somewhat complex but I'll try to keep as short and concise as possible. Skip to 5. for the most relevant and current problem.

1. Everything started with general hang issues at desktop (Windows 8). Every click requiring a program would hang windows for 5 minutes+ and often bring the "Microsoft Windows This application is not responding" message prompting close or cancel.

2. After a few restarts I ended up getting a blue screen because my PC could not start properly. However I don't get to the "healthy" troubleshoot/repair blue screen; only the one proposing F1-F9 options (including safe mode which would not start) and Esc for UEFI settings.

3. Stuck with nothing else but Macs to support, I used the option to create a windows USB boot key in the Mac options. Next, switching boot settings to Legacy Support to use the USB key seemed to show a black startup screen which mentions could not boot, but somehow eventually brought me back to login screen.

4. I used that opportunity to select Restart while holding Shift to get to the menu to start Safe Mode. Now on my desktop in Safe Mode (no hanging issues) I did a few things to try to resolve the non-Safe Mode run's hanging issues: ran malwarebytes, sfc /scannow, tried checking drivers as much as Safe Mode would allow me, and finally scheduled a C: chkdsk at reboot. Big mistake.

5. The loop I now get is I can let chkdsk try to finish, but it hangs at 14% forever (I left it overnight to be sure), and when I force restart and try to skip chkdsk, I press "any key" when the skip message appears but it seems to hang there, displaying the press any key to skip chkdsk message forever. So I either get stuck there or at 14% on chkdsk.

I figure I have some issues on my SSD, but it is a (expensive) laptop and I can't easily replace the hard drive, so I'm hoping to have the system eventually ignore the bad sectors/clusters and carry on as it can. However I can't even skip chkdsk to get to a defrag or disk cleanup utility; any suggestions?
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    Sounds like a failing hard-drive, replace it. Trying to use a bad drive, even if you manage to get Windows installed on it is just waiting a day, week, month till it fails again. Replace drive, install Windows clean again.
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