4K TV and 1080p Monitor dual display problem

I have a Vizio 4k tv and a 1080p monitor hooked as a dual display running from my GTX 1070.

The problem is that when I set my 1080p monitor as a primary display monitor, and my 4k as a secondary monitor. The 4k tv would become blurry not just the text but the whole content on the tv, but would work fine on my primary 1080p display.

I did the opposite by hooking 4k as primary and 1080p display as secondary, and the 4k would be fine while the 1080p would be blurry too.

I don't know if it's possible to change the proper resolution on each screen individually or if it's not doable because I want to just game on my primary 1080p monitor while watching movies or browse the web on the 4k tv.
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    The biggest issue is the difference in resolution between them. When you use a duel monitor setup like you are the screens need to be close to the same resolution. To accomplish the resolution match you use VSR (Virtual Screen Resolution) in the graphics cards software to help the lower resolution match the upper one.

    You're using two monitors with a HUGE resolution difference and it is causing the second monitor to become blurry because it is not running on its native resolution.
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