noise from a computer, cant be sure which source cause it??

I ve recently noticed some noise from my computer
it is not squeaking noise,
I was sure it is PSU noise since my components were on reclamation and I ve got my money back for cpu cooler and motherboard and ive got same mobo and cpu cooler from another site and build it in. ˙--my rig components on a signature--

Noise is heavy on start up on boot and then it gets lower really low noise when I get into windows
BUT WHEN I do some loading like youtube or loading games or some heavy process the noise is getting louder like if process last 3 secs ,noise will be for first 2 sec till it loads up
it is wierd sound coming from a center of my whole computer as I can hear
IVE tried disconecting all fans and cpu cooler and noise is still there
Ive tried unplug cables from my 2 graphic card and noise is still there
the only thing I dont know how to test is my psu and can a mobo make that sound??

and also when I press from 0 to 1 switch on my PSU the computer starts imidately I dont need to press power up button on front side, before it was not like that, computer stayed shut down but now it is starting asap.
Power button is working normally ,but I cant figure out if the noise is coming oout of a PSU or center of mobo
Ive tried with disconecting cables from both cards, fans, cpu cooler, hard drives, cd rom, but it is still there, its more like noise from a old machine like its scratching IDK how to explain

pls HELP!!!!
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  1. Could be coil whine from PSU.
  2. but I hear it from center of mobo and cpu cooler , Iam nt 100% sure,could be PSU
    since i dont know what MAXIMUS VII HERO noise can make,
    how mobo can make noise , and what to do if it is from mobo
  3. they were jetflow red 120mm fans
    they need to make that noise, its their normal sound
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