Cant change fan speed after installing new motherboard

I have an Packardbell imeadia l4875, the motherboard that came with it when i bought it broke and i could control the case fan speed before it broke, so i bought a new motherboard the ASRock H61M-VG4 and now i cant change the fan speed of the case fan but i can controll the CPU fan. And they are plugged as they should be on the MOBO.

Ive tried changing the settings in the MOBO but nothing happens. Any help pls?
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  1. Is the header the fan is plugged into 3pin or 4pin? And is the fan's connector 3pin or 4pin?
  2. The fan connected is 3pin connected to 4pin on the motherboard.
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    3 pin fans can only he controlled by voltage

    4 pin fans can be controlled by voltage or pwm.

    That h61 board only supports pwm control, so you need a 4 pin fan if you want to regulate the speed in any way.
  4. Hmmm i see how it works. What 4 pin fan do you recommend?
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