black screen, loud gpu fan noise

been having issues with a random black screen issue on windows 10. it doesn't matter what i'm doing, browsing or gaming, my screen will go black for a minute or 2, the fan on my video cards will get very loud and then my computer will reboot. sometimes the windows log in screen comes up as if nothing happened, sometimes it will be stuck in a boot loop and i have to shut it off on my own and go into safe mode. weird thing is, everything is fine without video drivers and in safe mode. i have also tried it with a different video card altogether (an NVIDA card, which i'm using now) and it did the exact same thing, though it lasted considerably longer without rebooting where as my AMD cards will not work at all (maximum uptime of about 5 minutes before crashing, most of the time not even booting at all unless in safemode) i had searched these forums and came across this thread with the same problem and ironically the same cards.

my current set up has worked for over a year now and it just suddenly started doing this last week. the only thing i haven't done is try another motherboard and PSU simply because i don't have spares of those. i am skeptical that it is my motherboard as all the slots seems to be ok. my PSU is 1000w so it should have enough juice. my computer will stay on with both cards in, but it's as soon as the drivers are installed is when hell breaks loose. i am at a loss. is there some way to test these components easily?

sapphire r9 290 x2
16GB gskill (2x 8GB sticks)
samsung 850 evo 250GB
gigabyte z97x-sli mobo
RM1000 (1000W PSU)


  • tried each card on it's own, also tried it in another slot
  • issue persisted on a different hard drive drive
  • updated mobo bios to latest version
  • tried different versions of drivers
  • removed all other peripherals and tried removing ram sticks 1 at a time and with different slots
  • got desperate and made a fresh install.
  • reseated all components and their cables
  • ran memory tests with no errors.
  • event log showed event ID 41 task 63 error, a generic power error. the only error that consistently shows.
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  1. Hi,
    I think we are stuck on the same problem here although I have diffrent specs.
  2. Clean your PC, especially GPU and PSU with compressed air. You might be surprised what problems dust can cause
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