Will a GTX1070 graphics card work well with my current part?

To start im a really new to computers so i need help if the 1070 GTXgraphics card will run well on this setup or will i not get the best use out of it...thanks for the help if you can. BTW this is my old setup not making a new one, just looking for graphics card

Here is a list of my parts:

Intel core i7 2600k sandy bridge

Asus P8Z68-V PRO

Dual DDR3 8G
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  1. 1070 would work perfectly fine with that setup, you'll be good for another few years before you'll want to upgrade. :)
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    Should be fine, if any bottlenecking can OC the CPU. It should be fine with most games, some that are more CPU intensive might BN a bit with the CPU at stock
  3. I've got the same mobo. If for whatever reason it doesn't boot right, reset the BIOS. There is a setting for PCI mode or something to that effect that needs to be set to legacy. Drove me crazy...
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