Corsair H110i GTX Liquid CPU Cooler

Hi, I recently purchase a Corsair H110i GTX liquid Cooler,but I noticed that the fan connectors coming from the pump, both has 4 pins but one of them only has 3 pins inside the 4 pin.

The 3rd cable will plug into the motherboard which has only one pin in a 3 pin header and the SATA to the power supply.

I am wondering why not both fan connectors coming from the pump has 4 pins as both fans that came with the cooler has 4 pin connectors for pwm
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    Ok I got it. So for anyone that is i bit confused about the manual. Below the connections for the Corsair H110i GTX liquid cooler

    SATA - Power supply
    3pin Connector with 1 pin inside - CPU Fan Header
    Two 4Pin Headers coming from the Corsair pump - connected to the two PWM fans

    One of the 4 pin headers coming from the pump only has 3 pins inside because you only need the rpm reading from one of the fans.
    They are both controlled by the same pwm signal.
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